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UCoat Medium Gray | Satin Finish
UCoat Epoxy Floor Coating System

System Description
All UCoat It floor coating finishes begin with application of UCoat water-based epoxy. UCoat can be used as a standalone finish or as a bonding base for one of our urethane top coat systems.

UCoat is a modified, two-component, water based, high-performance epoxy coating that exhibits performance characteristics rivaling solvent-based products. Being water based, there is virtually no odor. Being industrial quality, it is just as durable, or more so, than most solvent based epoxies. UCoat is also moisture insensitive - there is no drying time needed after cleaning and preparing the concrete floor. UCoat is applied directly to a wet-damp surface to achieve permanent adhesion. Suitable for commercial, industrial or residential use, UCoat offers exceptional chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and superior adhesion properties without the objectionable solvent odors associated with other products.

How Applied
UCoat epoxy is applied with a 1/2" nap roller and brush in two coats: the bond coat and the finish coat. The bond coat is applied directly to a dampened, prepared concrete surface, allowing UCoat to flow and penetrate the porous concrete or wood floor and permanently bond to the substrate. If an anti-slip surface is desired, UTex anti-slip aggregate is broadcast by hand on top of the bond coat while it is still tacky. The UCoat finish coat is applied after the bond coat is dry to the touch (4-6 hrs @ 68°F/20°C), but within 72 hours.

Ideal Uses
UCoat is ideal for use in many types of applications, commercial or residential, automotive or non-automotive. When used as a standalone finish, UCoat will serve as a durable, commercial-grade flooring option that is easy to clean, chemical resistant, and will protect the underlying substrate from wear and tear. When top coated with any of our other system options, it will serve as a permanently bonded base coating. If the area will be exposed to direct sunlight (such as an exterior area), a UGloss-AF or UFlek-AF top coat is recommended for UV stability.

Commercial/Industrial uses Residential uses
Write-Up & Service Areas Garages / Shop Areas
Showrooms / Body Shops Basements / Utility Rooms
Warehouses / Shipping Areas Kitchens / Bathrooms
Manufacturing / Storage Facilities Pet Areas

System Cost
Based on maximum coverage per gallon, the UCoat epoxy base system starts as low as $0.44 sq.ft., or $249.95 for a 24' x 24' area (576 sq.ft.) of smooth concrete. Actual coverage will vary based on color used and surface porosity. Click here to use our Material Estimator to calculate the cost to coat your area.

The coating materials and tools for application will be provided with your UCoat Kit. Each application is unique, however, for most cement floor applications you will need the following in addition to your UCoat Kit:

  • a stiff-bristled, push broom
  • a quality detergent/degreaser (such as USolv)
  • one gallon of muriatic acid for every 600 sq.ft. (such as UPrep)
  • a standard threaded handle/broom stick
  • garden hose with sprayer and access to water
  • quality painter's tape (for trim work - optional)









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1-Substrate, 2-UCoat bond coat,
3-UCoat finish coat

System Name: UCoat
Number of Coats: Two (2)
Finish / Appearance: Satin, solid color
Typical Cost Per Sq.Ft.: $0.44
Available Colors:
Seven standard; Two safety colors
Requires Products: UCoat Kit
Anti-Microbial Formula Available: Yes



UCoat Light Gray Light Gray
UCoat Medium Gray Medium Gray
UCoat Beige Beige
UCoat Medium Blue Medium Blue
UCoat Tile Red Tile Red
UCoat Antique White Antique White
UCoat Black Black


UCoat Safety Red Safety Red
UCoat Safety Yellow Safety Yellow




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